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Episode 2: Manu Bazzano “Buddhism and the Counter-Tradition”

Manu Bazzano

Manu Bazzano

Manu Bazzano is a licensed person-centered and existential psychotherapist in London. He studied Zen within the White Plum Asangha (an international community founded by Zen Master Taizan Maezumi) between 1996 and 2006 and was ordained as a Zen monk in 2004. He trained in Person-Centered counseling and psychotherapy and studied Alfred Adler’s Individual Psychology. He is the editor of After Mindfulness (2014, Palgrave), and co-editor (with Julie Webb) of Therapy and the Counter-Tradition; author of the Buddha is Dead: Nietzsche and the Dawn of European Zen (2006, Sussex); Spectre of the Stranger (Sussex);  and numerous academic articles on mindfulness including “In Praise of Stress Induction.” An international lecturer and workshop facilitator, Manu has presented his work in a wide variety of settings, integrating Zen practice with contemporary psychotherapy and the world of ethics, culture, and the arts. His forthcoming book is, Zen and Therapy (Routledge).

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